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World's Finest Kent Brushes Exclusively to the Salon

Utopia Central Promenade and Utopia Walpole Avenue are now featuring an impressive display of brushes to suit every hair type. Thankfully they made it here before the Ben-my-Chree decided to get stuck in the Harbour and nearly take out a fishing boat.

So what make's Kent brushes any better than your standard High street shop purchase? Not only is Kent the oldest Brush makers company in the world but has designed this bespoke range of 17 different brushes to be sold only in Salon's and never on the high street. The handle's of the Kent brushes have been crafted to fit every size of hand, from the dainty to the heavy weight and has a feel that whilst soft and smooth is firm and lightly textured for grip.

Receptionist's Natalie and Gemma's favourite (and proving ever popular amongst the Salon) is the Curved Vent Brush the only of it's type in the world with an Arc shaped brush it follows the natrural shape of the head for an almost sensual brushing experience.
So whether you're looking for that perfect blow dry control, to straighten, curl or volumise, head down to one of our Salon's to grab your very own Kent Brush.

''Our in-house designers and craftsmen have researched, sketched, sampled, moulded, built, tested and produced the world's most definitive range of salon professional brushes'' The Hair Times by Kent.